Clamps are versatile tools used in various applications, from woodworking and metalworking to construction and DIY projects. They are designed to hold objects securely in place, providing stability and support during various tasks. Here are 8 types of common clamps:

1. C-Clamp :

The C-clamp, also known as a G-clamp, is one of the most commonly used clamps. It consists of a stationary arm in the shape of a "C" and a threaded screw that can be tightened to apply pressure. C-clamps are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, such as woodworking, metalworking, and welding. They are effective for holding workpieces together or securing them to a work surface.

2. Bar Clamp:

Bar clamps, also called F-clamps , consist of a long bar with a sliding jaw that can be tightened using a screw or a lever mechanism. These clamps are ideal for larger projects that require a longer reach and a higher clamping force. Bar clamps are widely used in woodworking for gluing, assembly, and clamping large panels or pieces together.

Woodworking Quick F-Clamp

3. Spring Clamp:

Spring clamps are lightweight and easy-to-use clamps that feature a spring-loaded mechanism. They have two handles that can be squeezed together to open the jaws, which then close when the handles are released. Spring clamps are commonly used for holding small objects, securing fabric, or temporarily attaching materials during woodworking or crafting projects.

4. Pipe Clamp:

Pipe clamps are designed to hold objects of irregular shapes or large diameters. They consist of a length of pipe with a sliding jaw mechanism. The pipe acts as the fixed arm of the clamp, while the sliding jaw can be adjusted to fit the object being clamped. Pipe clamps are commonly used in woodworking for securing irregularly shaped workpieces, such as round or curved objects.

5. Quick-Release Clamp:

Quick-release clamps, also known as one-handed bar clamps or trigger clamps, are designed for easy and quick clamping. They feature a trigger mechanism that enables one-handed operation. By squeezing the trigger, the jaws can be quickly opened or closed, allowing for rapid adjustments and efficient clamping. Quick-release clamps are popular in woodworking, carpentry, and assembly work.

6. Toggle Clamp:

Toggle clamps are specialized clamps that offer quick and secure clamping with a simple lever mechanism. They consist of a handle or lever that, when pressed, moves a linkage system to apply pressure and hold the workpiece securely. Toggle clamps are commonly used in jigs and fixtures, as well as in applications that require repetitive clamping or holding down workpieces.

7. Bench Vise:

A bench vise is a fixed clamping tool attached to a workbench or a table. It consists of two jaws, one fixed and one movable, which can be tightened using a screw mechanism. Bench vises are heavy-duty clamps used for securing workpieces firmly in place during tasks such as woodworking, metalworking, or any operation that requires stability and precision.

8. Band Clamp:

Band clamps, also known as strap clamps, are flexible clamping tools used for holding irregularly shaped objects or assembling large, circular projects. They consist of a nylon or metal band that wraps around the workpiece, along with a ratcheting or tightening mechanism to secure the band tightly. Band clamps are commonly used in woodworking for gluing veneers, laminates, or assembling curved or round objects.

These are just some of the common clamps used in various applications. Each type of clamp has its own specific features and advantages, making them suitable for different tasks and materials.

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